Saturday, September 10, 2011


I messed up on two new wonderful teachers. So try to ignore it.

Why Oh Why

As most of you know kids are back in school. Well one of those kids happens to be Me!!!!!!!!
I mean I've got to new wonderful teachers and all, but it feels like summer just begun and then ended!
So many people want two go to school because of friends and once again I'm one of those people. Can you believe that some people actually want to go to school to learn, I mean I like learning things like writing and math, but that's kinda it.

To the parents there who like to sleep in raise your hand!! Now all the kids who like to sleep raise your hand!! Oh and by the way this morning I slept till like so 9:30 so you can guess if I like to sleep in or not.

So that's just a little bit about why I like the beginning of school and why I don't.