Monday, June 27, 2011

Going To Camp

 This coming Monday I'm going to a camp called Brookhill!! Now it's not a camp where you go ever day, and get driven by your mom or dad. No. This camp I will sleep in a cabin with my friends. What make this camp really special is that this is the first time I will go to a sleepover camp! My mom is probably talking about this on her blog Flying Years, but I wanted too talk about it as well.

What Am I Taking To Camp 
Well I'm taking a lot of stuff! Don't worry though because I'm only going to name a few things that I need too make myself feel like I'm partly at home.  One thing I most diffidently need is a trunk to put all the little stuff in. Then I need clothes, shoes, and socks. Third thing that is important is bug spray and sunscreen. That's all for this paragraph.

What Am I Looking Forward To At Camp
 I'm mostly looking forward too all the activities that I will be doing. I signed  the computer, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing fun swim and cheerleading but am not sure about anything else.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Thank goodness Summer is finally here!!!! I've had a wonderful summer so far!