Friday, December 28, 2012

A Merry Christmas!!!

This Christmas was so fun! How was yours? This year we stayed in Little Rock and had a blast it was my first "White Christmas" and was so fun!

I got some amazing presents this here is what I got........

sewing machine and sewing kit ( SANTA), IPhone 4, makeup and vest, art set and getting to go to Spirited Art with a friend, new soccer ball and soccer trainer, Nike clothes, and a Target card.
Thanks everyone for all my gifts.

   Christmas Eve 
So Christmas Eve we first went to the church for the 3:00 service and after that we came home to rap a couple more presents and then we were off to my grandparents house to eat Christmas dinner, then after that we opened presents ( you know how that all went down), then home to get in bed before Santa came.

    Christmas Day
Its Christmas!!!! Everyone got what the asked for and it was a wonderful "White Christmas"!! Sadly our power went out and was out until Wednesday December 26 about 5:00. BORING info but detailed anyway.

So you know how our Christmas went what was yours like please comment so I can see your answers and comment back!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So, really I don't have that much to talk about so I'm going to show you some pictures of things that have been fun throughout my life!......

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

I lost a tooth!!

A fundraiser at D1

After a dance comp. at Bryson's with my mom

Easter 2011

Waiting to eat dinner on my Dad's b-day

Our friends from Kansas City were here!


BEACH (again) 2011 

My cousin was born!!!

Well those are only a few happy moments in my mostly resent but who really cares any why why don't you post a comment on a few or even just one hay moment in your life!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catch up!

     Lately I have been busy, busy, busy so here's what's been going 
   A week ago I got my tonsils and adenoids out. School got out the day before I had my surgery meaning Wednesday May 30th. Oh and I had a dance competition in April and a recital like 2-3 weeks ago. But you know other than that I've been either sick with strep (which isn't suppose to happen any more), school,and dance.
Pics since Christmas

Christmas. my new alarm clock!

Me just being weird.??? (don't know why)

The Polar Express!


DANCE (me in a lift)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Strep,Strep I've Got It Again!!!:(

OK first  of I forgot one person in my last post by a mistake it was Presley Martin her b-day is in March well so sorry Presley my mind totally went blank for a little while.

Anyway guess what I've strep throat again!!!!! It is in sane in the the brain! I absolutely dislike having strep! OK so back to the point, it all started Sunday night with bad alergies then it was yesterday morning with everything that you get when you have strep ( fever, sore,sore throat, stomach ache, and head ache)! This morning i woke up and felt awful absolutely terribly awful, so of course i had to stay home from school( the plan was is to just go to school at 8:30 a.m) but i felt so, so bad my parents were like yeah you need to stay home.

Well later this afternoon I was running fever and everything, and man I had the reddest throat. So at like 5:00 we went to the doctor and found out I had strep so yeah.

                           _ CAROLINE BASS

Friday, March 2, 2012

Finally, March!!!

   Hey every one guess what it's March finally!! I guess you are wondering why I am so excited well here's why it's my birthday month,! and tons others! This year for my birthday I'm going to get my ears pierced I can't wait! Also there are tons of other peoples birthday to that I would like to mention, my grandfather, Sophie Brandt, Maleah Jorden, Maggie Jackson, Anna Maack(Maack is spelled correct), and of course me! Happy birthday everyone! Hopefully after my party I can put up some pictures of me getting my ears pierced and the actual birthday! Anyways hope to ear from you soon!
                            - Caroline:)

 P.S my b-day is March 25

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dance Competitions oh Dance Competions!!!!!,

Just yesterday I was in hots springs all day. Why this was is because I had an exciting dance competition! I was pumped up all day until about 7:00p.m after my last dance. Everyone on my teavm was as tired as could be we all pretty much fell asleep on stage during the awards. But hey guess what some go that tiredness wore off after one of my dances got first overall in lyerical! Also another dance got first place overall it was the big production with the whole company! Last night was amazing and tireing at the same time, we got in at twelve and I've been pooped all day today!! Well anyway I just wanted to tell you all about how good we did.

- Caroline Bass
- Sunday Feb 26,2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Recently I have done a blog post about how I just didn't like football well now I do! I also know a lot of things about it now. Here's my story on how I became to love football.......

         It all started when my friend Braxton asked me to go to Dallas, Texas to see the Dallas, Cowboys and Miami, Dolphins. Well guess what I said yes!!!! So we finally got to Dallas after five hours of driving so we went to the mall for about three hours. The next was Thanksgiving, and the big day of the game!

The game was awesome and ever since I went I have loved football a whole bunch!