Friday, December 28, 2012

A Merry Christmas!!!

This Christmas was so fun! How was yours? This year we stayed in Little Rock and had a blast it was my first "White Christmas" and was so fun!

I got some amazing presents this here is what I got........

sewing machine and sewing kit ( SANTA), IPhone 4, makeup and vest, art set and getting to go to Spirited Art with a friend, new soccer ball and soccer trainer, Nike clothes, and a Target card.
Thanks everyone for all my gifts.

   Christmas Eve 
So Christmas Eve we first went to the church for the 3:00 service and after that we came home to rap a couple more presents and then we were off to my grandparents house to eat Christmas dinner, then after that we opened presents ( you know how that all went down), then home to get in bed before Santa came.

    Christmas Day
Its Christmas!!!! Everyone got what the asked for and it was a wonderful "White Christmas"!! Sadly our power went out and was out until Wednesday December 26 about 5:00. BORING info but detailed anyway.

So you know how our Christmas went what was yours like please comment so I can see your answers and comment back!