Monday, October 17, 2011


Ok so guess what, I have been sick like three times this school year! Isn't it like bazar! Right now I'm sick with stinken allergies. Uggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strep, Strep, Strep, Throat!!
I'm like strep girl!!! Seriously I get it like every month!!! Can you believe it I've already had it twice this school year and we started August 15! Right now everyone raise you're hand if you get strep often. Now raise your hand if you don't get it to often but like once a year. Ding Ding Ding Ding that is totally what I would want to have it like once a year or like every other that would be sweet!!
Cause getting your throat swabbed isn't so fun!!

Why Bother I Mean Take Care Though!!!!   
I mean why bother wine about it I mean we all get more sick than other people with some things and they get more sick at other. Even though I know we can't help it being sick, sometimes you just got to live with it no matter how hard it might be, well sometimes you have to but not all the time.

So this is Caroline reporting like she is on the news right now, but sick well kinda, 


Saturday, October 8, 2011


Ok raise your hand if you watch football all day on Saturday and most of Sunday. Now I realize yes it's football season!! But I'm a kid so DON'T expect me to watch football all the time, I mean I watch it sometimes, but I usually DON'T watch it. 

Every weekend you will probably hear me say I'm so bored which I am right now which is way I am writing to you guys. ( you'll hear that a lot to! )

Go Hogs!!!!
Now who is going to cheer on the hogs today?!! My friend Maggie is going up there to se them play so best lucks to her and her family a safe trip, and that they are good luck to the team! Please post if you are going to the Razorback Game, or if you went to the Razorback Game I will be waiting for your comments!!

     Have a nice weekend!!!!